For Innovative Energy and Sustainability

Welcome to the forefront of sustainable innovation with Akron-SCD Engineering firm’s revolutionary carbon capture technology, tailored for the dynamic needs of the Canadian oil and gas industry. As a distinguished leader in multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, Akron Engineering Consultants Group Ltd. (Akron) proudly collaborates with Shahrekord Carbon Dioxide (SCD) under a joint venture agreement to offer groundbreaking solutions that redefine Carbon Capture (CC) in a significantly more effective, lower cost, and environmentally friendly methodology.

Pioneering Carbon Capture Excellence:

In a world where environmental responsibility is paramount, CC stands as a formidable tool to mitigate climate change impacts. Akron-SCD’s cutting-edge approach marries ingenuity with necessity, spearheading a transformation toward sustainable development.

Our Unique Technology:

Recognizing the industry’s evolving landscape, our post-combustion, amine-based technology, equipped with our proprietary MPn®solvent, propels us to the forefront of CC innovation. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, Akron-SCD’s unique solvent boasts pending patent in Canada, the United States, and the European Union, is expected to be granted by the close of 2023.

Tailored Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry:

Our unique technology redefines the paradigm to enhance our client’s operations by applying the following unparalleled advantages:

    1. Foam-Free Excellence: Say goodbye to foaming challenges. Our breakthrough MPn®solvent defies conventional norms by eliminating the need for an antifoaming agent,
    2. Sustainability Redefined: Our closed-loop system reduces water usage by up to 20%, and energy requirements by up to 40%, championing sustainable practices of the CC industry,
    3. Capital Efficiency: Experience unmatched cost-effectiveness with Akron-SCD’s Carbon Capture System, boasting the lowest CAPEX among commercialized solutions,
    4. Proven Performance: Totally trusted solution that is backed by a decade of operational excellence. Our technology has proven its mettle with two Carbon Capture and Utilization plants, standing strong for over ten years of successful/continuous operation,
    5. Scalable Ingenuity: Our solution is customized to each client’s needs, scaling up to the client’s requirements while guaranteeing over 90% CC efficiency from a spectrum of flue gas sources,
    6. Regulatory Harmony: Embrace peace of mind as our solution adheres meticulously to Canada’s relevant federal and provincial regulations, a testimony to our commitment to compliance, and
    7. Pathways Alliance Alignment: Though our ongoing discussions with Pathways Alliance, we ensure our solution harmoniously aligns with the vision of Pathways Alliance’s proposed CC and storage project.

Customized Offerings Tailored to our Client’s Success:

Our business models are customized and negotiated with our clients, two of our most popular business models are as follows:

  • Managing Contractor: This package encompasses licensing, basic engineering, construction administration, start-up and training, and maintenance consultation services.
  • Single Point of Responsibility: With this comprehensive package, we provide turn-key solution with an end-to-end service, encompassing technology, engineering, procurement, and construction.

Join the Future Today

Step into a future where sustainability and progress coexist harmoniously. Akron-SCD is an ultimate steadfast partner in shaping the future of the Canadian oil and gas industry. Embrace innovation, redefine your carbon footprint, and be the vanguard of positive change.

Contact us to unlock your carbon capture journey and let us redefine possibilities in a world driven by environmental responsibility and progress.