Our Services

Our Services


As business enterprise, the broad and integrated services of Akron Engineering Consultant’s Group Ltd. serve both public and private clients throughout Canada from our office located in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Akron’s value-based technical areas of expertise fall into broad categories of civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering, project/construction management, quality management & inspection, planning, surveying, feasibility studies, permitting, landscape architecture and community work involvement. Many of Akron’s managing directors are registered professional engineers with decades of experience in various engineering disciplines.

Based in Fort McMurray, Akron Engineering has been providing engineering structural, environmental, mechanical, and electrical assessment and/or design services, including suggested repair scopes if feasible. One of Akron’s core business is to provide inspection and certification services for fall protection systems and devices.

Our engineering/inspection services are mainly utilized for new structures and/or for existing structures in relation to flooding and wild fires impacts on residential, commercial and  industrial buildings. We played a major role in our community’s recovery from 2016 wild fire as we provided quality and timely services to our local community, insurance companies, and the Red Cross, post 2016 wild fire, for very reasonable fees.


Akron offers professional structural calculation, analysis, design, and drafting services using STAAD Pro for structural modeling and analysis and AutoCAD for design and drafting for large scale multi-story buildings, pipe rack modules, pipe supports, platforms, ladders, stairs, and skids. In Compliance with Alberta Building Code Schedules (A-1, A-2, B-1, C-1, C-2), we offer accurate/high-quality design drawings with professional engineering stamps on timely and quality manners at a competitive price. 

Additionally, Akron has qualified professional engineer expertise in fall protection system design and evaluation in accordance with the CAN/CSA Z259.16 “Design of Active Fall Protection Systems” standard, and that align with requirements of Part 9 “Fall Protection” of the 2019 Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code.

With a staff of highly trained / experienced engineers/drafters, Akron is capable to address structural requirements for all types of steel / concrete structures, including:

  • Low, mid and high rise buildings
  • Pipe support
  • Pump foundation
  • Structural modification
  • Substation skid
  • Anchors, guides and expansion barrels for tailing pipes


 Akron in collaboration with Superior Steel Detailing LLP. offers services that includes but not limited to steel detailing with rich industry experience focusing mainly on steel detailing services to both industrial and commercial sectors. Our services include Steel detailing, Stairs & Miscellaneous Steels, Pre-tender Estimation and Providing various types of lists & files i.e. Bolt list, CNC files etc.


Akron provides comprehensive geotechnical investigation services, both at the preliminary site feasibility and supplementary detailed stages. The services include evaluation, consultation and design in the following categories:


      • Study and recommendation on foundation types (shallow and deep), their design and construction
      • Evaluation of soil bearing capacity and seismic design parameters
      • Investigation of foundation settlement, cracking, heaving and other soil related problems
      • Evaluation of existing foundations for available capacity for upper floor additions
      • Recommendations for underpinning


      • Evaluation and recommendations on existing and long-term slope stability
      • Design and recommendations on slope reinforcement and erosion protection
      • Design of cuts and earthfills

Soil Retainment:

      • Evaluation of earth pressures on retaining walls, shoring and other subgrade structures
      • Dam safety review, analysis/evaluation in accordance with Alberta Dam & Canal Safety Guidelines under the water act
      • Recommendations on design and construction of temporary shoring
      • Study and evaluation of effects of surcharge loading and security of excavation cuts


      • Evaluation of existing pavement conditions
      • Recommendation and review of pavement design for vehicle parking, major and minor highways and truck usage


      • Evaluation and design of engineered fills
      • Recommendations on backfilling, compaction operations and soil improvements
      • Design of subgrade, sub-base and base-course materials for slab-on-grade, service trenches, roadways, etc.
      • Evaluation and recommendation on excavation and grading procedures


Akron provides comprehensive Mechanical Engineering services, both at the preliminary site feasibility and supplementary detailed stages. AKRON has expertise in HVAC, Plumbing, Fire suppression, Chilled water and storage, Hot water, Wastewater, Compressed air, Tank farms, Residential and commercial elevators and mechanical rooms.


Welding Engineering:

  • Welding Procedure Specifications/Procedure Qualification Record Development

Material Non destructive testing:

  • Overlay Macro Examination
  • Hardness Testing
  • Positive Material Identification


Akron provides comprehensive Electrical Engineering services, both at the preliminary site feasibility and supplementary detailed stages. Akron has expertise in substations, Facility Start-up & Commissioning De-commissioning, SCADA/RTU installations, PLC upgrade and retrofit installations, Modular Skid Wiring, Residential wiring and panels, Cable Tray, Conduit and Raceways, HVAC, UPS systems, Fire suppression system.


Akron provides detailed environmental assessment services, including Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and water well inspections.


Akron in collaboration with certified architects offer architectural services within the RMWB region.


Akron in collaboration with Canadian based offshore oil & gas companies offer services that includes but not limited to Oil & Gas, Subsea, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Industrial and Process Facilities, Building and Marine Infrastructure and Utilities. We have our own Health & Safety Management Systems in compliance with the requirements of the Certificate of Recognition, an Occupational Health & Safety accreditation that verifies a fully implemented program which meets national standards and health & safety regulation requirements.

Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Provided multi-discipline engineering and design review for the West White Rose Project (WWRP) CGS MEICA (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, controls, and automation) systems including the IIMS, ballasting system, grounding and lightning protection, power distribution, and other related support systems,
  • Inspected rigs and assessed their compliance with API, CAODC and DNR’s provincial drilling regulations,
  • Covered various Automation/Instrumentation/Controls support projects for CPNA’s western Canadian facilities,
  • Provided operations technology support for virtualization and upgrade of DeltaV, scope development and oversee vendor implementation of applications (NAS/CEMS/PHD/OPC/DTS) on DeltaV infrastructure (including documentation), and cold eyes review of design and implementation to align with industry best practices,
  • Covered various adhoc support services (AIC) for CPNA’s western Canadian facilities,
  • Assisted Fagioli Group by providing peer review, preparation and stamping of Lift Plans, as well as on-site support and partial supervision for approximately 75 heavy lifts for the Bull Arm Site. These lift plans covered all components for the assembly of the lift elevator (which was used to load the DSM and DES modules onto the finger pier). Also included in the scope were lift plans for upending the flare boom, installing the helideck module, installing the living quarters module, and lifting of various components required to accommodate the arrival of the heavy lift vessels,
  • Provided a peer review and document authentication according to PEGNL requirements of technical documents for the Living Quarter Operations related to installation of the Hebron Topsides Modules including Module LQ Jack up Towers, Site Transport on top of Towers +SPMTs/Barge Mooring at the Quay/Load-Out/Local Sea Transport/Mooring at the finger pier/Installation onto UPM,
  • Completed piping stress analysis for a total of four (4 off) piping layout configurations (water injection and gas injection), Stress analysis report to verify all pipe’s stress and confirmation of pipe / fitting integrity, Reaction loads (forces and moments) to existing equipment tie-in locations, Loads (forces and moments) at locations of all flanges Loads (forces and moments) at locations of subsea connector hub interfaces and Engineering review of Frontier Subsea supplied / generated piping drawings and iso’s,
  • Organized an offshore dimensional survey, provided destruct and construct piping isometrics and destruct and construct pipe support drawings for the replacement elbows and a work pack for installation,
  • Completed engineering and design for 10 piping spool repairs including modifications and replacement of various components. We provided new piping isometrics, spool drawings, bill of materials, construction workpacks and fabrication support,
  • Provided engineering for conversion of Hibernia platform Rig Drawings,
  • Constructed and maintained a 2-D model of selected areas of the MODU, for the purposes of clash check and logistics confirmation of equipment SIMOPs. We provided drawings of elevations and maintained the 2-D model on our server for viewing by the Halliburton,
  • Provided piping fabrication isometrics and associated support attachment details for the Hebron Flare Tower based on existing piping design isometrics and a 3D model, and
  • Provided Fitness for Service Assessment of the LP Separator (UA-2002), which involved an external visual inspection accompanied by UT inspection and engineering analysis to determine acceptable operating conditions in accordance with applicable codes and regulations.


  • Assessed the Electrical Grounding systems of the Truck Load Facility at the North Atlantic Refinery,
  • Engineered and designed electrical heat trace systems for the replacement of Oily Water and Hydrocarbon drain lines on the North Atlantic Refinery Jetty. The work also included design of motor control center upgrades, motor starters, and motor controls for new pumping systems. This work involved the design of electrical equipment for installation in hazardous areas,
  • Provided an engineering review of existing documentation to determine the rated capacities of the jet fuel pumps at location YFC, YQM and YYG versus the rated capacities of downstream equipment (filter vessel, filter monitor, and proposedLC-30 flow meter,
  • Completed the design and specification of a second overfill protection system for four separate jet fuel storage locations. Each consisted of a probe with an alarm panel that has high level audible and visual warning and an interlock with the truck offloading pump. Probe model, Probe length/size, Control wiring and connection points/junction boxes for alarm and interlock Buzzer and light specification, location and support was provided,
  • Provided engineering design of North Atlantic Refinery piping modifications needed for the replacement of the upside-down valve. The design included substitution of downward angle valve with upright control valve with required piping set-up and sizes, a bypass for regulatory maintenance of the valve and implementation of a steam trap to catch condensation at a low point,
  • Contracted by Talon Energy to provide structural engineering support for North Atlantic’s (NARL) Tank 528 Recertification. Specifically, Maderra will provide engineering design and associated drawings for:
    • A fall restraint attachment line system for the tank roof
    • A yoke and jacking system for the tank interior columns
    • A yoke system for the tank outer perimeter wall


  • Provided structural and piping engineering support for the design of the Hibernia Southern Extension (HSE) water injection/stimulation manifold. The manifold will be located at a project water depth of 90m in an excavated drill center (EDC). To ensure both the pressure containing piping kit and the structural steel frame, foundation, were designed to withstand in-place/operation loads, wave induced current loads, iceberg snag load, and seismic loads. Caesar piping analysis software and STAAD PRO/STAAD Offshore software were used for the analysis and design,
  • Provided structural engineering support for the design of Temporary Guide base (TGB), Permanent Guide base (PGB), Lower Tree Frame (LTF). These structures functions as a part of the subsea tree system for the Hibernia Southern Extension (HSE) project located at a project water depth of 90m. The equipment will be placed directly on the excavated drill center (EDC) base and were designed to withstand in-place/operation loads, wave induced current loads, and seismic loads. STAAD PRO and STAAD Offshore software were used for the analysis and design,
  • The Study was conducted for HMDC with the objective to evaluate the response of the subsea well system from an impact with an object representing a potential iceberg impact. The analysis included identifying the expected mechanical or structural failures, their sequence, the expected weakest point of failure, impairment of mechanical or hydraulic systems which may affect operation of downhole equipment, and any other failure that could potentially cause a loss of containment,
  • Provided engineering support for the fabrication of six sub-sea manifolds, including shop drawings review & fabrication coordination,
  • Subcontracted by Wood Group Kenny to provide technical support for an Iceberg Snag Load study,
  • Provided engineering support to evaluate and risk assess/revalidate the current incorporation and operation of Flowline Weak Links (FWLs) within the Terra Nova field development,
  • Provided structural engineering services for the provision of riser tether clamps shop drawings, and
  • Provided technical support for an Iceberg Snag Load study.


Akron in collaboration with Canadian based ship building & marine engineering companies offer services that includes but not limited to shipbuilders, marine engineering, marine surveys, seismic, tug & barge and offshore oil & gas.ty and timely services to our local community, insurance companies, and the Red Cross, post 2016 wild fire, for very reasonable fees. 

Vessel Design & Engineering

  • New Vessel Design
  • FE Analysis
  • Barge, Fishing and Passenger Vessel Design
  • Vessel Modifications and Conversions
  • Component Design
  • Drafting Services
  • Rudder and Shafting
  • Sea fastenings
  • Structural Design
  • Marine Loadouts and Transportations
  • Storage Configuration
  • Concept Design
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual

3D Production Lofting using ShipConstructor

  • 3D Model of the Vessel
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Stiffener Plots
  • Nest Drawings
  • Code for NC Cutting Beds


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Ship Motion Analysis
  • Structural Analysis incl. Fatigue and Vibration
  • Propeller Performance Optimization
  • Non-Linear Dynamics Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Mooring Analysis
  • Offshore Surveys, BST Certified
  • Vessel Mobilization Support
  • Transportation Studies
  • Tow Analysis
  • Stowage Configuration
  • Stability Analysis
  • Lashing Analysis
  • Lift Analysis


  • Condition and Valuation
  • Draft Surveys
  • Damage Surveys
  • Cargo Surveys
  • Lashing Surveys
  • Bollard Pull Testing
  • Vessel Appraisals
  • Marine Warranty
  • Progress Inspections
  • Tonnage
  • On-Hire/Off-Hire
  • Load and Stow
  • Lifting Appliance Testing
  • Deadweight Surveys


  • Lightship Surveys
  • Vessel Inclining
  • ISO Stability
  • Draft/Freeboard Analysis
  • Complete Intact and Damage Stability Booklets
  • Stability Booklet Revisions and Conversion Updates

Project Management

  • Vessel Refit
  • Vessel Mobilization
  • Class Requirement Support
  • Flag State Compliance
  • Fabrication Support
  • Specification Writing
  • Vessel Owner Representation
  • Warranty Support Work
  • Regulatory Consultation and Liaison
  • Class Conversion Support


The success of any project relies heavily on how it is being managed. Project managers are constantly faced with the challenging task of assembling the right resources that will produce the right mixture of teamwork in order to complete the project safely with quality, within costs and schedule. Akron has the necessary expertise to assemble the right team of subject matter experts for client’s project management needs that will ensure the three objectives of a project (Quality, Cost, Schedule) is achieved.

Project Management Support 1

  • Projects development
  • Land acquisitions and development permits
  • Building assessments

Project Management Support 2

  • Projects management and coordination
  • Construction management and administration
  • Maintenance management strategies
  • Projects controls, planning, and scheduling

Project Management Support 3

  • QA/QC inspections for Piping, Mechanical, Civil, E&I, and Structural segments
  • Construction & Turnover coordination
  • Documents control
  • HSE consultancy


The process of acquiring goods can be quite challenging as there are terms, competitive bidding, and even finding a supplier. Akron Engineering can assist clients by connecting suppliers to buyers, creating terms of agreements, and providing consultation of the feasibility of a purchase.


Akron Engineering now offers Emergency Response to any site within Fort McMurray. Having our home base in Fort McMurray we can respond to your site in under an hour. Being able to provide this service is a huge benefit and provides peace of mind for any industry operating within Fort McMurray.


Akron offers clients  the following training courses

  • Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability
  • Innovation and Industrial 4.0 Applications
  • Coaching and Mentorship
  • Developing High-Performance Cultures
  • Leadership
  • Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Making Innovation Part of Your Organizational DNA
  • Leadership 4.0: How ready are you to be a Digital Leader
  • Plan for Successful Change Management
  • Social Neuroscience: The Brains Behind Creating a World-Class Reliability and Safety Culture
  • Wrench Time – Dispelling the Myths of Work Sampling Studies – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Making the Connection Between Culture, Safety, Reliability, and Overall Operational Excellence
  • Driving Operational Excellence to the Frontline: Turning Strategy Into Reality.

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